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Youme  Sajous

Wardrobe Fashion Stylist

"It is truly amazing to witness the endless opportunities for people to choose the way they present themselves to the world" A statement from Fashion Stylist Youme Sajous

       Youme Sajous is by nature, curious about fashion as a form of Art, which is in a non-stop state of evolution.  Her love for fashion came when Youme worked at Macy's as a merchandise associate.

 Her job in the store was to dress the mannequin in the new arrivals in the women's department. After a long five-year journey of styling, the unique interest has helped Youme to understand customers' image aspirations and guide them in making the relevant and desirable selection in clothes and accessories. It has always been a dream of Youmes' to open a women fashion boutique.  In March of 2019, she made that dream come true. As someone with the responsibility of being an image consultant, Youme has expertise in researching other artists and influencers, assessing competitor imagery, and seeking out new inspiration in order to stay up-to-date with the latest movements within the industry. Her passion never sleeps. With a goal to help women look and feel fabulous.

                                                                                     Youme 's Boutique

Here at Youme's Boutique, We believe that style is a way to express who you are without having to speak. We seek to empower our friends, family, and customers to be more confident and to show the world their true selves. Let your fashion and style speak for your uniqueness.

Youme herself is obsessive about finding those perfect boutique outfits that become the defining pieces of your wardrobe.  Building our brand around hand-picked quality, exquisite comfort, and trendsetting styles that our customers have come to love and trust.

Why Choose us

When you shop at Youme's Boutique, you get hand-picked products that are higher quality and unique. Because Youme's Boutiques carry a smaller stock than big-box retailers, they’re able to keep up with the latest trends as they switch out inventory more frequently. One of the best perks of shopping at You​me's Boutiques is the personal relationships that can come of it! There’s an opportunity to meet the owner behind. Since boutiques usually get less foot traffic than larger retailers, Youme really get to know her customers and develop relationships with them. She'll know your likes, your dislikes, and your personal style, making it easier to find pieces that you really love.

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